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Whatever happens at Indianapolis next week...

If we can do what Miami did we would at least be in the game until the end. I don't think we will beat Indie but it would be nice to compete with them while getting our team a chance to develop. If Smith can be consistent and we can get our running game going we would at least be able to grow as a team and get ready for the final part of the season.
Yeah, we are all 49ers fans, but let's be week will be rough. More than the loss next week, I'm concerned about the NFC West and AZ.
If things go according to norm, AZ will have a 2 game lead on the 49ers (AZ is winning tonight(!) and will most likely beat Carolina next week).
It's just sad, that's all I can say.
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No freebies or "feel good" losses. We better WIN.

Not a chance in hell we win against Peyton - Just not going to happen. We can continue to make good progress - Alex needs to have a solid game and keep us in it. I have been saying 9-7 I still believe that - 10-6 possible though alot more likely with Alex and the Offense being opened up that is for damn sure

Any given Sunday. I don't know how we can expect 9-7 is enough with Arizona coming back. It's desperation time now IMO, and we need to stop this skid now.

Any Given Sunday except the day you are playing Peyton. That dude is to good and we are not going to be able to get near enough pressure to beat him and that is the only way to beat him btw.

Disagree. Every team can be beat. With luck, ofcourse, because we're still not there to compete with the elite teams. And the Colts are unlikely to go undefeated, so why not us?

Hey I will be at the bar with my - err well have to decide on teh Jersey ( Alex - leading the pack - Frank - Vernon or P Willis Jersey on just like every other loyal fan and the team will be going in expecting to win but win I do the Fantasy pick em league - I am going with Indy - Happy to be wrong but being a realist is okay.

Again we have no Pass Rush the only way to beat Peyton is to make him move those recievers are too good and we give QB's way to much time - that said Spread the Offense and keep him off the field with ALEX SMITH then we may have a shot!

gotta remmeber the last 2 team played a lot of mass protection schemes. do you know how many times that they were in2-3 TE packages for protection. not for passing! not saying that indy will be easy cause peyton gets the ball out very fast. but atleast it should be fun
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