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Who Will Start @ QB For SF Next Week

Who Will Start @ QB For SF Next Week

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i believe the answer is obvious.
Alex plz
Smith has not had a lot of reps with the first team offense and to come off the bench and play as well as he did was amazing. His arm stretches the field and defenses have to respect that with Hill they know he is only good for 25-30 yards down the field.

Hats of to VD great game for him he is becoming a real threat week after week.
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Originally posted by socalfan21:
Sorry to be the debby downer but I don't think it will matter... we struggled with houston... we could put Joe Montana out there and it won't matter... the Colts are jus too loaded.

You have LOST UR MIND BRO.................Dont ever think that Montana couldnt make the difference with any team...........and he prooved it when he went to a douchy Kansas City team
I say start Alex. Yeah it was half a game, but he did move the ball. Something S.Hill hasn't done in a game and a half. Maybe he's hit a wall or something. Can't be the offensive line this time. Which played a pretty good game IMO. Tough game next week in the Colts, but I think Alex just has a stronger arm and can make throws Shaun can't. With Hill, we're limited on the down the field threats.
The QB with the least pressure on them always has a better game....Last year when o'sullivan was struggling Hill came in with no pressure and did good....This year same situation and Smith comes in and does well

Smith should start....the offense seems to work better with his better arm and they needed that spark to re-focus and try to score points...Alex Smith has always had the skills to be a good QB, he just needs to make smart decisions smart throws and be the leader of the offense that this team needs
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There is no way Hill should start again in his career. The guys is a backup with no arm.
Originally posted by BHulman:
Your kidding, right? Surely Signltary has to see the difference in this offense. Indy has a lot more to think about next week.

HAHA thats what I thought, but 5% say Hill
not gonna sit here and bash hill some more but its obvious that smith has to start...
play clock management and o-line need more work but a great half from smith and vd and crabtree..

go niners
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It's embarrasing having to say that Shaun Hill was our starting quarterback. I'm glad this happened now so we can move on and see what we got with Alex.

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Shaun Hill "managed" the game enough to keep it to 21-0 for Alex to come back and make it a game.

Anyone else sick of the game manager?

I'd rather have a leader. That was impressive any way you slice it. Smith came out on the road against a decent defense that knew he had to pass down 21-0, and they still couldn't stop him.
Alex should be given a chance...

poor kid has to start this year playing the COLTS

tough luck
The team and the coaches believe more in Alex than they do in Shaun. The line blocks better when Smith is in the game, and Jimmy Raye opens up the playbook.

Hill gave us a better chance to win when Smith's confidence was shot and his understanding of the playbook was still a little shotty. Now that Alex has the playbook down and has had some time to recover/mature he is the better option. Still have to appreciate was Hill has done though, good to have another starter as a back-up.
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Just what we need here - another Hill v Smith debate! I've been waiting so long.
Originally posted by NinerGM:
Just what we need here - another Hill v Smith debate! I've been waiting so long.

Did you not expect it after today?
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