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I wonder what Mike Singletary is thinking right now. Hill played well last year for him, helping the 49ers win games and Singletary become the head coach. The team rallied around Singletary, as the winning and his style of coaching got everyone's attention, even Vernon Davis.

I think Mike Singletary is torn here. He's been stressing power running, defense, playing smart, etc. But the season is playing out differently. We can't run, we don't play dominating defense, we're accumulating penalties, a rookie WR has replaced another WR, despite missing all of training camp and 5 games, and most surprising of all, Alex Smith has replaced Shaun Hill, the "game manager."

Doesn't this all seem very weird? I wonder if Singletary, by naming Smith the starter, feels that he's potentially losing the team. I mean, Hill is his guy. He's the one who replaced O'Sullivan last year and put in Hill. I wonder if Singletary feels that this team is now bigger than him. We have potentially great players at WR, TE, and QB now. I know Alex Smith has a long way to go, but this performance did open some eyes up. It just makes me wonder if Singletary is thinking that maybe this could be his own undoing. Maybe the team pursues a more offensive-minded coach next season or in a few seasons, someone like Mike Holmgren, or Mike Shanahan, because clearly, our strength is NOT running the football. We aren't a power running team. Our guys can't block, and our featured back can't stay healthy.

Is he thinking about any of this? Does this have anything to do with who starts at QB next week against Indianapolis? I hope not. I hope Singletary is just doing what's best for the team. That's what he's been saying all along. He wants the best guys out there who give us "the best chance to win." And I believe Alex Smith gives us the best chance to win.

All I know is that as long as we do win, everyone will be happy. You can also lose the team by being too stubborn and sticking with Hill, despite the fact that he isn't producing. I guess in the end, the players will be OK with the change at QB, because this team wants to win, and they'll respect their coach if they know that he feels the same way.

Anyway, I hope Smith is named the starter.

I agree with everything you've said about Sing's image and how really this team isnt capable of following it, but he is showing he literally will do anything to win. He pretty much said in that interview after the Vikings game "you can call me whatever you want, just call me a winner". For the most part hes making any move possible to make the team better, and so far he has turned this team Nolan couldnt compete with, into a kinda/sometimes/almost contender.
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