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Alex Smith Bandwagon

Nevermind, stupid delay of game penalty on Alex.

I'm off the bandwagon.
That's Alex for you...a nice play, and then a rookie mistake.
Still rolling.
We need to roll out the pocket and move down field. One more score and it's a game.
Originally posted by MortimerC:
Still rolling.

rollin with nolan ?
I never got off the bandwagon
Originally posted by TheG0RE49er:
That's Alex for you...a nice play, and then a rookie mistake.

But I actually felt like we could get 11 yds or more with Alex. Never had that feeling with Hill.
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Never got off...was just napping through the trip.
Napping because it was a boring offense
I'll wait until he actually gets us some wins first.

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IS IT TIME TO PULL THE ALEX SMITH JERSEY OUT THE CLOSET?? Actually wear it now....btw I always believe Alex should get his chance to prove himself...if he can pull the niners back into the game I think he'll be starting for the rest of the year....
Win HELL, I just want to look like we can do something.
Originally posted by YuNGaCE:
HOP BACK ON ! had to make a quick oil change

(pic made by solidg2000)

gonna be a bumpy road

How long have you been waiting to use that pic?
At least they are protecting for Alex, good.
i got my toe on the wagon, just a toe. My pinky toe.
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