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Sings power running game after 5 weeks

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dude gore has been out not only our best RB but our besy offensive player where the hell have you been?

OH!.....that explains everything.....give me a

Are you serious? Your starting running back being out with a rookie taking his place doesnt explain anything to you?

Besides those to two long runs by Gore he has been pretty much shut down. Even Rookie Rbs can run through holes if the line can actually block anyone.

You cannot possibly say that Gore has been shut down. He played in 2 games, and accumulated 300 yards from scrimmage over them with 4 touchdowns. Maybe you should look into what you are talking about before you start into it Ratto Jr.

Ok dude here are Gore's running stats

39 carries with 241 yards, that 6.2 yards a carry

However you take way those two long runs of 80 and 79 yards, thats 159 yards on two carries

That leaves his stats at 37 carries with 82 yards, thats 2.2 yards a carry

So before you start calling people names actually know what the heck your talking about.

It doesnt matter what his yards per carry are minus his 2 long runs, because he only played in 2 games. How are you going to just factor out 150 yards like they dont mean anything because they came on 2 carries? You dont know football if thats how you look at the game. Your argument is a ridiculous excuse for you to be negative because you believe that makes you look smart.

My original point was that besides those two long carries Gore has been shut down. You clearly dont have the mental capacity to understand that so I will not respond to your idiotic comments.

well, isn't the point that he's doing that with a s**tty offensive line? Any opening Gore sees, he makes the defense pay with his ability to get to the 2nd level with that burst of his. There were a few runs I saw Coffee run where I thought that if Gore was there, he'd have burst out into the open. And the rare home run run (? no pun intended) is still far far far better than no chance for those home runs, especially with an offense as challenged as ours.
The power running of this team is overrated as is Singletary as a coach.
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