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All the experts from ESPN pick the texans to win

Experts? Pfffffft!

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Originally posted by footballxpaul:
chris berman pick the niners 21-17
Originally posted by WestCoast:

nobody loves us...

these guys have short term memories, experts HA! keshawn johnson? and those other idiots give me a break.
You put Montana, Young, Rice, Craig, Lott, Rathman, etc on this team we dont even wonder. With this team? Toss up every week. That said, I love this team. Willis is ALL TIME. What Davis did for that little boy with cancer, and several other niners including Hill....I have their back all the way.
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Originally posted by WestCoast:

nobody loves us...

Hopefully they'll learn to fear us . . .

Well, they are not experts then!
We can make these experts look like fools with a win or like geniuses if we lose.

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