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San Diego is one of those guys who sets ZERO expectations for himself because he's so afraid of failure.

Sad way to live a life.
Denver was already a much better team than us. They were in the playoffs until they collapsed and knocked themselves out. I would like to see what coaches can do with our lack of offensive talent but one thing is for sure, we haven't been x's and o's ready for about six years now.
Denver was already a much better team than us. They were in the playoffs until they collapsed and knocked themselves out. I would like to see what coaches can do with our lack of offensive talent but one thing is for sure, we haven't been x's and o's ready for about six years now.
A lot of us might think that sandiegoniner might be a tab bit negative or his fan status of the NINERS might be in question.IMO he is just handles the progress of the NINERS a little differently than the rest of us and the only way he can express his die hard emotions for the team is by sounding a little negative. heres to all those negative fans that no matter what still roots for the team causing them to pop blood vessels
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The whole time out issue is nitpicking for the sake of something to complain about. Mike Singletary is Mike Singletary and he is his own individual, if he wasn't you'd complain about that.

And if you truly believe Coaches like BW, Jimmy Johnson or any other HC (be it one who is good to great or one who is not cut out to be a HC) would not call or have not called a timeout because they see their players are gassed (which is fairly normal last I checked when the D is on the field for nearly 2/3rd's of the game), are losing their focus due to being frustrated and flustered which in turn usually causes mental mistakes to be made then you are being ignorant to that fact.

No matter how prepared you are one small mental mistake can lead to a big play or chain of mental mistakes that results in a momentum swing in your opponents favor. "Pep Rally" timeouts are in fact common in the NFL and are called to try and stop a team's momentum and get your team back on the same page and get your guys a quick breather. It has nothing to do with the team's preparation during the week and you can't really prepare for all in game adjustments that teams will make. You seriously need to stop being ignorant to the fact and accept it. You don't have to like it but you should become accepting of it because it likely will never go away.

Here's the problem blowing your timeouts also leads to missing out on a momentum swings. Either it costs you time at the end of the half which potentially costs you points or it costs you a challenge which is probally going to be a momentum swinging play, and in our case definetily was.

You can't burn multiple timeouts early in the half on rah rah speeches. That's poor management.

Which is why teams practice the no huddle and 2 minute offense and have to be prepared to run it with all or none of your timeouts. They prepare for situations like that.

Also sometimes those challenges are not overturned no matter how clear it is to you or me if the ref can't see indisputable evidence they can't overturn the call and there are times that refs flat out blow a reviewed call. You can't count on a challenge to swing the momentum thus why you have to assure your team doesn't allow for too many mental mistakes and if calling a timeout to get everyone back on the same page is what is needed then do it. You preferably want to save your timeouts but you have to use them to your advantage and sometimes a "pep rally" timeout can work to your advantage. Others it will bite you in the ass but so much of football is risk vs reward and you have to take certain risks.

I disagree. You count on challenges because you're ensuring that all momentum changing plays are called correctly on your behalf. The last thing you want is a 7 point swing on a blown call like we had last Sunday.

I'm not saying there's no place for a rah rah timeout, but you can't have 7:00 on the clock and no timeouts. It's just poor game management. You bring up the 2 minute offense. Let's say we got the pinned deep with under 2 minutes to go. No timeouts no ability to stop the clock and force a punt.

Like I said though this is 1st time that it's happened to Singletary so he deserves some benefit of the doubt. If this was Mike Martz and his history of not caring about when you use a timeout it would be a different story.

Certain posters keep the broken record going about the time-out and the pep-talk - let it go. The giving up on routes, the stupid show-boating, and the half effort hurt us more and far out weighs this silly argument about a ill-used time-out. If you guys want something to b*tch about, b*tch about that. That's the REAL problem.
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Every rookie coach and player makes mistakes. The question becomes whether Singletary can learn from his coaching mistakes.

Nolan is an example of a coach that did not learn from his coaching mistakes that include both player and game management.

I think Singletary is humble enough of a person to realize his own shortcomings and work towards becoming better coach.
I do think that Sing is starting make mistakes, however I will hold my final judgment on him after the season is over.
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I've been a webzoner for a long time, but don't post much. But I will say this, this sandiego dude(ette) is a crybaby. Waaaa. The dude said at the beginning of the year we'd be 1-15. Now we're 3-2, and somehow the coach sucks. Where's the logic? I guess that says it all.

Hmmm. Good point.

While fans certainly may criticize and still be fans, I think that Tico's point is a good one: When a "fan" consistently stays silent when the team is winning (or worse, hopes for failure in the face of victory) and b***hes when it is losing, how can that person be a fan?

Now, THERE'S a f*cking question Niner fans! Let's see how long we wait to get a response, AND what kinda f*cked-up logic comes with it.
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If you bring in Lebron James and you already have Caron Butler playing small forward I'm pretty sure you put in Lebron A.S.A.P. God people do you know ANYTHING about football. Crabtree is better then Morgan and Morgan has got all the chances in the world he's dropped a touchdown and ran a lazy catch to the goal line when he should have scored. You put the best people on the field I don't care about chemistry if you have a weak point. That's like saying put Barry Sims at left tackle and sit Staley because they have better chemistry omg SHUT er up rookie. You obviously do not understand football and you will see this Sunday that our team will have a gameplan and we will play a great football game and don't be suprised if Crabtree gets in the endzone, I sure won't.

p.s. I hope Singletary uses all his timeouts in the first drive and points at the screen and says hey webzone fans, EAT IT!

There is NO WAY that Crabtree knows the amount of playbook that a starter should. 2 mistakes from a 2nd year player doesn't negate the fact that Crabtree does not, and can not know the plabook. PERIOD!

Singletary has stated from day one that players will EARN their playing exactly has Crabtree done that? By catching some passes from Alex Smith during the bye? I don't think so. So now EVERY player that was buying into that BS line now see's that EARNING your play time is not the case. That all the rah rah Singeltary has been blowing up their rears is just that, smoke being blown up their rears.

Singletary better hope the team doesn't decide to hold HIM accountable for his decisions the way he does them, or he may have some difficult questions to answer.

Think about things from a different POV for just a moment

Do you think the Yorks want to see their new big shot multi-million dollar toy EARNING his time? Doubt it. Football is a business first and foremost and the Yorks are business people. I'm sure there was considerable pressure on the coaching staff over the bye week to make sure Crabtree was in position to be on the field as early and a much as possible.

While I'm not ruling out the possibility that Singletary didn't make this discussion on his own, it doesn't exactly seem like his MO. Remember Sing doesn't have the same freedom that Nolan had during his first 3 years.

He's pretty much calling the shots on personnel and who gets playing time though.

Which is why everyone should stop jumping to conclusions on Crabtree starting. All starting means is that you line up during the initial series of the game. I've watched several interviews with Sing so far this week where he's been quoted saying that Josh will probably get more plays that Crabtree. I think the whole Crabtree starting thing is more of a publicity stunt then an actual major move. We will just have to wait and see.

Here's a link basically saying what I was getting at,197547

Try to minimize the importance of being labled "starter" all you want, however THATS what these players strive to be. Regardless of playing time, being labled as "starter" means something to these players. GOOD players have left teams and gone on to others because of who is labled as starter and who is not, regardless of explained or predicted playing time.

Don't say it doesn't matter who starts, cause it does.

Well the players seem to be singing a different tune. Nobody challenged the point I made about football being a business first. Check your hurt feelings at to door.

So instead of continueing our deiscussion you take to making assumptions about my emotional state huh? It's ok to feel like you lost an argument, no need to project about my feelings.....

By the way, 2 WR's have made comments that weren't exactly with a smile in regards to Crabtree.....

You are just plain wrong Esco. It may not be a big deal to you or me or any other fan, but if you think for a moment that it doesn't matter to the players who is labled as starter and who is not, you are more nieve then your posting makes you appear to be, although I doubt that personally. I think you are simply defending an ill conceived argument at this point.

I don't think you've even properly identified his argument.

Your original assertion was that Crabtree couldn't possibly know the playbook to the extent that a starter should. First of all, that's an assumption on your end. Secondly, this is a relative point. What is his knowledge of the playbook compared to Morgan's? Neither of us know that, but you're making definitive statements on the subject. Furthermore, knowledge of the playbook is inextricable from talent level. Knowing the playbook and executing it at a high level are not one and the same.

You're also painting the situation with a broad brush, regarding people you've never met. You say that "being a starter matters to these guys". Do all football players have the same attitude on the subject? Do you know Josh Morgan?

All Esco was saying was that in reality, Morgan's playing time MAY not be greatly impacted by the move, and that no one outside of Brandon Jones and people on message boards have made a big deal out of this. He also said that there MAY be more to the equation than just Singletary's influence (York reference).

On the other hand you are making definitive-yet-general statements about people you don't know, and situations that you have no access to. THAT is an ill conceived argument.

Morgan HAS made comments that if diagnosed certainly appear to not be in support of his demotion. I like your analysis LA, but Esco doesn't need your protection here, so your attempt to confuse with logic is unwarranted. You know and I know that MOST NFL players care whether they are starting or not, if they feel they are indeed starters.

We also know Singletary has touted his "accountability and hard work" idenity from the get go, which MOST people, experts included, point to as the catalyst for the early success, so why is now ok to promote someone who has NOT been accountable, nor has he been around to work hard?

I mean other then being talented at the college lvl, what exactly has Crabtree done in 2 weeks time to warrant being promoted?
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I will try to watch as many games as I can this weekend and I will show you that ALL coaches you time outs when the team needs a rest of a swift kick in the head? While you are at it why don't you go watch football and learn how it is played since you obviously don't know very much.

OMG TRASH please don't waste your time.... look through his post history....look at every one of his posts in this thread.......

seriously for those people who can't see what SD9er is trying to do, it is quite obvious.....

so don't let him get to you.....he got me with that one hilarious posts and I shut him up.....he didn't answer my everyone who has any sense left, after being exposed to this thread....leave as soon as you can.

early in the thread he basically said Singletary should be our MASCOT! it shows his hatred runs deep that this team actually has played well enough for Sing to be praised....and that Sing will most likely keep the burnnnnnsssssss

Oh so this!!!!!!

And another thing SanDiego, what's really up with you? You claim to be a fan and a die hard at that. Yet, you spend more time arguing the faults of our team than focus on the positives. Seriously, you were almost silent during our 3-1 stint...oh wait a minute, you were there talking it up after the Minny loss, bad.


We have one, only one, huge blow out and the sky is falling, we will fail, and now you are having SingFan complex.

Can count on you for a good now because your true valid points are clouded by your negative and bulls**t filters just like our resident funny man, Singfan.

There never seems to be any positive from you even when we make some great plays or get this, win.

Seriously, who peed in your 49ers cheerios?

I agree with you guys. Majority of SD's posts are negative, that's usually why I take it with a grain of salt. He's one of those fans that live in the past. "Bill Walsh this" and "Bill Walsh that" and "We should've signed Holmgren" stuff. He needs to let it all go and move on. Sing is a different kind of coach and the way he turned this team around in a short amount of time and the way he got them all to believe in his philosophy is special.

I don't remember SD being around when we were winning. He and singfan should go root for another team since they obviously can't stand the 49ers.

This sucks because I can't a) call a stupid poster,''stupid''

b) call you intelligent

c) call the guys who say Nate Davis should start stupid

d) call the guys who say Nate Davis should start intelligent

Oh C3PO , what do I do?!!!

Originally posted by TonyStarks:
This sucks because I can't a) call a stupid poster,''stupid''

b) call you intelligent

c) call the guys who say Nate Davis should start stupid

d) call the guys who say Nate Davis should start intelligent

Oh C3PO , what do I do?!!!

beep berp beep beep burrrrrrr
Originally posted by Bille:
Well he must be doing something right since you predicted this team went 1-15.....

haha so true, dont worry about some of these people they are sunny day fans! when we win its OMG everything is perfect..but then there always those people we could have done this this and this. DUDE YOUR NOT IN THE NFL! Im so sure you know more about football then people in the NFL. lmao

Then we lose and its bashing on everyone. Coach is doing whatever it takes to win and if thats crabtree then im ok with it as long as it produces a W!

Morgan seemed humbled, he knows its gonna be him and crabtree in the future.

And lets see what happenes with Jones...
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Like Mike said, It all starts with the O-line. If they suck, everyone else will suck. TO I think were used ok, TO are easily criticized if they don't work, so chill out on the judging, he's 50/50. Remember our best player has not been on the field for a while. I do think Hill needs to read his hot route a little better and let his reciever know at the line. I never see him yelling and pointing at the line, Whats up with that?
By the way this is my first post! GO NINERS!
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Originally posted by SybErkRimInAL:
Originally posted by TonyStarks:
This sucks because I can't a) call a stupid poster,''stupid''

b) call you intelligent

c) call the guys who say Nate Davis should start stupid

d) call the guys who say Nate Davis should start intelligent

Oh C3PO , what do I do?!!!

beep berp beep beep burrrrrrr

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