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Hills' Leash

Looks as if Sing has put Hill on bench watch, if the Niners lose the next two games or even the next he will be benched.
where did you read this at?
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All it says is that Hill must play better, which everyone knows. They're still sticking with Hill, but if he continues to play poorly, they might consider Smith, which again, everybody knows.

Nothing really new here.
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wow, a marginal starting quarterback threatened to sit the bench if he doesn't perform well

wow omg shocker
it's funny cuz on Matt's Facebook page he put:

"I'm still trying to figure out if what 49ers coach Mike Singletary said today about his quarterbacks is significant. You be the judge."
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Alot of players should be put on "bench watch" not just Hill and Rachal.
As to whether or not Alex has finally matured (or is ready) is beyond me though, he hasn't played a live snap in over 2 years, and it's a heavy gamble (just like the Crabtree ordeal). We'll just have to see.

Hopefully he steps up his game.
Yes, he's been put on notice that he's got to perform better. Now the question is whether he has the ability to actually do so. I think he has a good football mind, but I really question whether he has any of the physical tools to actually put that mind to use. We'll see.
Originally posted by legend8:
Looks as if Sing has put Hill on bench watch, if the Niners lose the next two games or even the next he will be benched.

ah, legend8, one of the ultimate Hill haters... glad to see your back! Funny that you pop up when a Hill article shows up.

As far as the bench, I didn't really get that he was saying anything about benching Hill. I am not sure where people got that out of that article. If anything, when Sing says "Hill is our guy" and "I don't want our QB looking over at the bench worried about losing his starting job." that would make me think that Sing make stick with Hill even if he does poorly... saying stuff like "Alex Smith is never out of the picture" does not imply hill is on a short leash. Any second string QB, on any team, is never out of the picture. I think Hill should be on a shorter leash, which really depends on what he does in Houston and Indy...
Originally posted by legend8:
Hills' Leash

Has obviously been pulled too tight around his neck this season and he can't seem to play QB anymore due to lack of oxygen.
I love Hill. He is no doubt a gamer and is quite passionate about the game of football but I want to be able to make the defense fear the big play. Widen the field. Give Gore more room to breathe. See balls that don't flutter to the receiver. Hill is definitely not the long term solution because his style of play really limits what our offense can do.
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