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49ers vs texans matchup on espn....

OL and RB should be switched, then its good
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Originally posted by Pogity:
The Texans are certainly capable of beating us soundly. They're acutally favored by 3 points.

I would say they have a better Offense across the board, including RB. Defensively we're better everywhere except for Mario Williams.

Favored by 3 points at home basically means that the two teams are even. I think it'll be a good game. I know we have Crabtree, Davis, Gore, and everyone else healthy and playing, but I think the game will be decided by: how much pressure we get on Shaub (no pressure, Roman gets burned), and how well the OL plays. Hill needs time in order to take advantage of the playmakers we have.
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Originally posted by LBCniner:
So i guess the Texans have a better running back than us regardless of the fact they are like 30th in the league what a joke

Doesn't ESPN always bash Frank Gore? I remember during week one they said Beanie Wells was better than Gore (when he hadn't even played a regular season snap).
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