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My Roger Craig Interview!

I saw this article off Matt Maiocco's page. Excellent interview man. Keep it up
Great interview! Keep up the good work.
Originally posted by WeAreLegend:
Your interview is great. I have a question though if you don't mind (I am very protective of our 9ers). I figure if Roger gave you an interview you deserve it and he felt you would pass it on in a positive light. The lure for you will be to use it to simply build your portfolio. I am hoping you really understand the good cheer and attitude that team brought from that time and if you do grow in your profession, if you are truly a 49er fan, that you help bring that forward !

Are you game ?

Absolutely. It was players like Roger, Joe, Jerry, Ronnie, Steve Young, John Taylor, Brent and Tom that got me into watching American Football and it was them that started the love I have for the game right now and it's for those days that we all crave to see once again.
Hey another hearty thanks for a great article.
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