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Which defense will show up on Sunday?

Which defense will show up on Sunday?

Lets be honest. Before that Atlanta game, most of us thought that our defense was top 5. They were flying all over the field. Now after that horrible loss and our bye week, do you guys think we will play like we did before the Atlanta game? Personally, I think we will return to that great defense. I wanna see us put some pressure on the quarterback! The Broncos vs. Chargers game was a perfect example. You gotta put pressure on the quarterback to win the game!
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Is there anything in between? 'Cuz I think it'll be somewhere in the middle (although it won't appear very good the next few games).
The Atlanta quitters if we get behind. The first 4 games if we get ahead.
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Too bad there's no "Inbetween". If we can get ahead&run the ball effectively which will keep our D fresh not to mention what I've stated before which is we have to put pressure on Schaub than im confident we can come away with a win.
P.S-With your two choices,I feel like this deserves a Bud Light commercial for "Too light...Too heavy" haha.
The aggressive ball pursuing defense from the first 4, plus our new ball control offense that keeps their offense off the field, hopefully. TOP wins this game.
Originally posted by SanDiego49er:
The Atlanta quitters if we get behind. The first 4 games if we get ahead.

I don't know about this. The defense was still flying to the ball when we got behind early in Minnesota. Maybe if we get down by two scores we quit, which is insurmountable with this offense.
I think the D is going to be fired up for this game.
After what happened against ATL and the BYE week, I'm pretty sure the D will be fired up Sunday. One thing that I think is important is how well the offense and ST do as well. Everything is hand in hand.
it could jus be me buuut what's the "in between" stuff. they've only played two ways & it was stated at the top of the post

I get the feeling our boys will come out hitting hard and will play smart & aggressive defense...

I'm more concerned about the play of our offensive line than the Defense
with the bye & atl bringing the back down to earth, i think it'll be the team b4 the atl game. some how but i don't know how, they got cocky. Between everybody n they momma give'em credit for how their season started to that beat down that they gave the lambs. the whole crabbs situation that same week to the stats of how bad they thought atl was playing, i think they got cocky, but it's good thing atl brung them back down to earth now. so they should be playing the way they were b4 the atl game
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I just hope we never ever see the defense that played against Atlanta.
A hungry defense that will take a beating on the Texan
Originally posted by SanDiego49er:
The Atlanta quitters if we get behind. The first 4 games if we get ahead.

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