It just seems no matter who you like as our starting QB for the remainder of the year none of us here in the zone will ever agree with one another. It doesn't matter the subject, we get into Smith vs. Hill debates. I want to pledge to stop these threads and just let the Coaches decide what is best for this team. The only thing these threads do is create a QB controversy and whether you like Smith or Hill do you really think that is what this team needs right now especially after Sunday?

Bottom line is we hired Singletary to run the team his way. You knew we would be conservative by running the ball and playing great defense. Problem is we have not been able to run the ball with great success lately but it doesn't mean we can't get it going with the proper adjustments. It will certainly help the defense and get us back on track to be what we knew we would be this year. And that I hope will be a playoff team again and NFC West Champions. Always Faithful, GO NINERS