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Yes/No: Is 14 pts the limit where we waive the flag, Offensively?

Right now, with the Quarterback we currently have and the Offensive Line we have... if we go down 14 do you believe that's the limit for our offense?

I say Yes. I have no trust anymore in this QB or our OL anymore.

[ Edited by Method on Oct 13, 2009 at 12:24:56 ]
I say yes. Shaun can't throw the deep ball, therefor significantly less big plays, defense comes up with 8 in the box and blitz all game, running game can't get going, OLine falls apart under constant pressure. Yeah 14 is basically the limit.
I say 17 points is the most we should we give up with the defense we have. A good defense can sometimes only be as good as it's offense.
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