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Will Shaun Hill be the starter at the end of the season?

Will Shaun Hill be the starter at the end of the season?

I think in order for this organization to realize that we need to draft a QB, we're gonna have to bench Hill at some point. Then give alexa Smith ANOTHER shot, watch her fail miserably. The only bright spot on our QB roster is Nate Davis. And I know everyone says we have to groom him, this and that, but I'd like to see what he can do towards the end of our failed season. Either way, we need to draft a QB!!! We gotta take a shot!!! Hill and Smith are not the answers. Maybe they can win a few games here and there, but they are not the caliber QB you need to win championships.
Originally posted by Afrikan:
so who are the 33% of the fans who think our season is over already....because that is the only time Hill will get benched, when Singletary feels the season is lost...

I don't feel our season is lost and I believe we will make the playoffs....

its like some on here are Alex first and foremost, then 9ner "fans"

as someone put it a couple of days ago... "I would rather fail with Alex than continue with Shaun" or someone else put it "I hope Shaun gets injured"

and these people call themselves 9er fans. HA! just selfish individuals.

Oh come on now. It's because we ARE 9er fans that we are critical of the kind of play Under Center that we have seen starting the season.

What should I be happy with a QB who doesn't know how to audible out of a bad play? Should I be happy with a guy that holds onto the ball too long? Should I be happy with a guy that 9-10 times throws the ball to his checkdown Receiver? Happy with a guy who has a better chance of winning a Gold medal in the shot put than putting the ball in the hands of the Receivers without that painfully long slow arc that looks more like a Changeup than anything else?

I'm happy with the W column but come on bruh it's a damn good thing that our Defense is better than it was in previous seasons, Otherwise we would have lost what could very well have been a record breaking scrore of a game.

Sorry but I just don't see how ANYONE can be happy with that. My only consolation is that we didn't get shutout at home. I would have been sick if we had. Especially after shutting out the SOSARS.

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Originally posted by B650:
Yeah, Hill is painful to watch. He seems like he's struggling out there to even hold on to the ball. When he throws it, he seems constipated. The ball always seems like it's about to squirt out of his hands. You're not sure when the next batted ball is going to occur, or when the next wobbly dock is going to get picked off. It's hard to believe we're starting a QB who can't even throw a spiral.

That said, we still have a chance at the playoffs.

The weird part is Hill has always looked this way and played this way , I remember many a pre season game he would drive the team down the field only to throw a pick in the endzone and kill the drive. How bad must Smith and Davis be for Hill to give us the best chance to win. I don't get it and never have, the guy can't perform the first and foremost requirement of the job, make ALL the throws , hell he can't make any of the throws. I keep going back to last nights game , a rookie and the Dolphins back up are so much better than Hill it's freakin embarrassing, it's a literal miracle the team is 3-2
Shaun Hill sucks, and that's that.
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