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Will Shaun Hill be the starter at the end of the season?

Will Shaun Hill be the starter at the end of the season?

I'm not asking if we should bench Hill now, but more what will happen to our season? Right now the o-line can't protect, and he could get hurt. Will they get it together? So far the offense looks pretty ineffective. If the offense costs us several games and we fall below .500, will Singletary bench Hill? For Smith? Again, I'm not asking what you would do, but what will happen? Will our offense be good enough? What will Singletary do if things go bad?

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thank you

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Originally posted by marshniners24:
thank you

oops, I knew I was tired. . .
so who are the 33% of the fans who think our season is over already....because that is the only time Hill will get benched, when Singletary feels the season is lost...

I don't feel our season is lost and I believe we will make the playoffs....

its like some on here are Alex first and foremost, then 9ner "fans"

as someone put it a couple of days ago... "I would rather fail with Alex than continue with Shaun" or someone else put it "I hope Shaun gets injured"

and these people call themselves 9er fans. HA! just selfish individuals.
How many polls are we going to have until the Texans game?

o btw, I voted Yes

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The continued struggles of the offense may lead to Smith eventually starting, but Hill has looked pretty good when he actually has time to throw.

If the O-line improves, but Hill still can't find a groove, then I feel Smith may be inserted.

Thankfully, Smith has had an offseason and 5 weeks to get an understanding of the offense.
The only way I see Davis starting this year is if both Hill and Smith get hurt. I think Singletary really wants to give him time to develop.
Originally posted by StOnEy333:

I would cut off my pinky if he could be a star for us
Originally posted by teeohh:
Originally posted by StOnEy333:

I would cut off my pinky if he could be a star for us

I will hold you to that if it happens, but don't worry. I'll take it off your left hand.

Since your right one you use for modeling, an all that.

lol I meant I'd cut it off if it meant he'd be a star. not that I will if he becomes a star

but after seeing the mnf game tonight, man if only we could get "lucky" with Davis

who knowsssssssssss, I just hope Hill isn't the starter next year
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Yeah, Hill is painful to watch. He seems like he's struggling out there to even hold on to the ball. When he throws it, he seems constipated. The ball always seems like it's about to squirt out of his hands. You're not sure when the next batted ball is going to occur, or when the next wobbly dock is going to get picked off. It's hard to believe we're starting a QB who can't even throw a spiral.

That said, we still have a chance at the playoffs.

i am a alex smith supporter but i would hate to see him in there now. I dont think he will be an improvement
I don't think he will be for a variety of potential reasons.
Will Santa come to give us our presents, or is the economy so bad he had to eat Rodolph and share other reindeer with the elves?

Will I be rich next year?

Will I be asked questions that have no reasonable answer.

Will my diarrhea be over tomorrow, and will I have nice firm stools??

These things, only God may know..

I really have a soft spot for these kinds of threads..

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