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49er Qb problem

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Why is it other teams can find Qb's and the 9ers can't , Sanchez just made a great throw and catch to Edwards , Edwards has been there less than week and Sanchez is a rookie. for F$%%s sake our O is a joke, that's how you do it in the 21st century
Yes we do have a QB problem. IMO it goes back a few years now. We should have kept Garcia. Not drafted Smith and taken Rodgers instead of Smitty. Garcia would have been the perfect QB to have around for a natural transition. This is what we need to do with Nate Davis. Groom him properly few the next year. Problem is we don't have the teacher anymore that Garcia would have been to Rodgers. A terrible QB spin we're in.

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Because we drafted Smith and gave him 5 years of our lives. The question is are we going to let another year go by before we actually go after a QB that can be the guy. We have Nate but I would rather us not put all our chip in on one guy.
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