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Anybody going to the Texans game?

Originally posted by TX9R:
You guys are all rich with these seats in the 100's. I thought I did pretty good with mine in the 500s and I paid 50 bucks. I'll be in the blue lot as well, but all my buddies are Texans fans. We're starting at 9am because 8 bucks for a 12 oz beer is just not gonna fly. I'll be good and sauced by kickoff.

Ours are 117 (endzone) only about 7 rows back and they were only $80 each. You just need to scour the net for great deals.

What time are you guys going to start the tailgate? We probably won't get there until 9 or 9:30 depending how early a start we get in the morning.
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Thread search. It does a body good.
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Is Huston where all the Hussies are from?
I will be there at Huston-o'clock.
Originally posted by babbabooey:
Huston we have a problem

I'm at the game. If anyone is here hit me up. 5129459457
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