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Why do we have a mediocre team?

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Well when you're being outplayed and outcoached, what do you expect? Raye might be successful on a team loaded with talent, but on this team, it's looking bad right now. Michael Jackson bad.
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Yes we have a mediocre team. We get 3 wins in our terribly weak division and everyone thinks we have this great team. Not the case. This game, plus the next 4-5 games are going to expose where the 49ers really stand. The team is mediocre because we have a bad O-line, ineffective + unimaginative play calling on offense, no QB, little to no pass rush, a mediocre secondary and rely too heavily on our defense to win games for us.

People were already breaking out the champagne before we started playing good teams. Yes we can win this division, because this division sucks. But to compete outside the division we need more talent across the board and an offense.

Sure, cite the Vikings game as a measuring stick of our potential, but our offense played pretty bad in general in that game except of two drives. Our D put us in position to win that game by a good margin had our offense executed.
Can we stop with the "we should be 4-1" talk!!!!! If thats the case then they can be 1-4 just as easily. Now Im not saying throw the season away just yet but some of these short term solution guys need to go away. Dre Bly is on the top of that short list. What a moron. Let Brown get some reps. He may of done some stupid things when he was younger but he seems to be an outstanding citizen since then. Sims Hill Franklin are on that list also.
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