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Michael Lewis, is that it for him?

Yet another concussion, is he done for good? Im a little worried, esspecially with Roman being his backup. Also, any word on Coffee or McDonald?
Good thing we kept 5 Safteys. I think he is done, you don't f**k with injuries when its your noodle! R Smith needs to get back ASAP!
If it is bad then it would be better for him to retire. Concussions are a serious thing that will come back later to cut your life short with head pains and other things.
Three concussions is nothing to play around with and taking a week off isn't going to fix things.

Whether he wants to or not, Lewis needs to shut it down. He's still a young man, but brain injuries are nothing to play around with.
Yeah the problem is I don't think the coaches have that much faith in Reggie Smith and him getting hurt and being out the last few weeks did him not favors. I like Curtis Taylor's potential, but he is at least a year away from playing strong safety in this league.

It's a shame because Michael Lewis up until today was playing his best football and Mark Roman on the field=bad things happen
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