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The Announcers Were ALL OVER US....

I had a bad feeling about this game, but even in my worst dreams I didn't think it'd go this bad! Man, I even benched Ryan and White on my fantasy team because I thought our defense could hold them fairly well. Wow, what a bad week. The good thing is we've got a bye week to figure out what went wrong and get it right versus Houston. No need for a fire sale just yet, but this week was definitely a setback for us (especially since Arizona and Seattle both won).
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Originally posted by Brazilian49er:
No question. If I was a Falcons fan, I would be pissed. They put up 45 points and all they talked about was how dissapointing our defense was.

Exactly..they mentioned the Falcons offense a few times..but it was ALL ABOUT how bad our defense was.

I guess thats respect for us?
Firing Raye would be a good career move for Singletary right now. At least with Martz, we had TOP, and could march the field. He's not the answer, but we moved the ball better last year. Rayes plays make no sense, or scheme.
Moose especially sounded shocked about our team play. Coming from someone who really hates the niners, that was really strange.
Originally posted by Ninerman49:

Yep and Dre Bly is an idiot.
I can't stand Tony "Gimme Another Double Whopper w/Cheese and a Diet Coke" Siragusa, but the Niners did not show up today. This was the personification of a team loss: couldn't run or stop the run, couldn't pass or stop the pass, we had one big play and they had a ton of big plays.

Special teams were anything but. Singletary tried to fire up the troops and the VERY NEXT PLAY Roddy White is running free in the end zone.

I can't blame the Fox announcers for being all over the Niners. They were totally inept in every facet of the game. I'm sure Singletary will admit he got out-coached by Mike Smith.

Welcome back to reality. Are the Falcons that good or the Rams just that bad?

Guess we'll find out after the bye.
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