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Defense has carried this team ....

The defense has been so good that they have masked the reality of a QB who manages the game. If you are going to have a managing QB, then you HAD better have a superbowl defense.

Like today, when the Defense spends the majority of the time on the field, the QB is forced to play BIG. When he is needed to be BIG, and he fails terribly, then a blowout is what happens.

I know the rest of the team struggled, BUT your QB can NEVER struggle or you are F***! Hill looked awkward, unathletic, lost and bewildered.

If we change QB's today, we blow them out. That team is NOT better than us.

Our defense will always take UNNEEDED risks recognizing they MUST score for us to win the game. So for Clements, for example, he is trying to pick the ball to help with the score, jumps the route, then loses dude for a TD.

Our Defense is our Offense ....

At least Crabtree will be here to help the offense

the running game did it's job early in the season before Gore got hurt
V.Davis has done a good job as the only legitimate receiving threat we have had
up until today's game the ST have been solid
up until today S.Hill did not suck for an entire game
with all that said yes the D has been before today the best part of our team, but as we saw today they need to come out with more energy and play together, avoid as many gambles as we took that didn't pay off.
oh yeah, last time a check the did played like crap today

oh yeah its shaun's fault lockdown was burnt by Roddy White, its shaun's fault walker fumbled the ball, its shaun's fault Morgan stop running when he clearly had a touchdown, its shaun's fault coffee wasn't on the field and we had to use a timeout. Oh its shaun's that the defense let a 2nd year quaterback have all day to throw the ball

Don't get me wrong, Shaun played like crap today, but so did everybody else.
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