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Caption This: Woods and Smiley Draft

This was much, much worse. At least Smiley was good.
Originally posted by NickSh49:

This was much, much worse. At least Smiley was good.

They drafted a LB that fast on Sunday b/c of his religion. Football should be his religion.
saleem rasheed LOL
Originally posted by vaniner757:
the sad thing is i don't even remember woods. haha he must have sucked badly..

Ignorance is bliss my friend.
Originally posted by AkNiners:
I will say that Smiley has turned into a fine guard and I wish he were still with the team, He's a fair sight better than Baas.

It's not that Smiley has become a fine guard, it's just that he's in a blocking system that plays more to his strengths. Smiley is more athletic than a mauler, more quick than strong. He's a great pulling guard and can move well. The 49ers wanted a mauler - but drafted Smiley. Brilliant! Round hole meet square peg.

So it's not that Smiley was bad when he was here, and got better once he left - he was just never used properly here.
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