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Falcon Players Sound Off On Facing 49ers

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Found this little doozie while doing some research over on the Falcons website. Best part is Tony Gonzales' remarks towards his thoughts on the Niners during his college years.

Here's the link:
Geez, How many times can they say "physical" in one interview?
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Originally posted by boast:

I was thinking the same thing.
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Hahaha, I remember watching the Cal basketball games and Tony was a Power Forward. (just a brain fart)
Originally posted by PTulini:
Geez, How many times can they say "physical" in one interview?

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Originally posted by boast:

When he says times have changed, I think he meant that the 49ers are a different football team. I don't think he meant it to mean that the niners are a bad football team now.

Let's kill him anyway.
Mr. Mr. Willis......He is the one that will be removing your large inflated head from the rest of your non-ball catching body.....and sending you into early retirement.......prepare to be P-owned.......
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