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watch past niner game

is there any way i can watch the niner and rams game from yesterday
The NFL Network replays the four best games of the past week the following week, but I doubt that this game is going to get shown this week. Unfortunately, the game against the Vikings made the cut last week, but that was more for the Vikes than for the 9ers. You still might want to check out the NFL Network in the weeks to come; you never know when they might show the 9ers.
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Or you could just purchase NFL Game Rewind from For $39.95, you can watch all of last year's games and this year's games after the game is completed.
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For Game Rewind...I'm thinking of signing up. Just had a few questions...

Does it show any hint of the score before you're able to watch the entire game? I mean, if you didn't know who won, does anything on the site ruin it for you?

Does it include all games including playoffs and superbowl if they get that far?

What is the subscription period? When does the period end?

Is it the same cost for someone subscribing in December vs. some subscribing in August or September?


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