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0 -- Rushing TDs allowed by San Francisco

Week 4 Judgements

I haven't seen this brought up yet. What do you make of this? I's awesome! We've gone against AP and Jackson (I know he doesn't have a rushing TD this year but he's still a great back) and Hightower/Wells are a nice combo. Seattle has weak backs, but to be doing this well to where we have no rushing TD's I think is awesome.
you just jinxed us man

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Let's keep this up against Turner.
not to mention no 100 yd rusher against us
Also in the article:

15. Another 49ers victory, a little less leverage for Michael Crabtree. It's not as if he had much, anyway, but the more San Francisco continues to win, the more it puts Crabtree in its rear-view mirror. This is what happens, Michael, when you sign up for career counseling from Deion Sanders.

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