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Allen Rossum Released [Update 11/01]

Originally posted by teeohh:
battle had 2 muffs

i hope we draft a wr/rb that can be our return ace

C.J. SPILLER!! That TD he had this weekend was sick. I wasn't excited about Coffee at all when we drafted him, and he's not really done anything to change my mind in the slightest. Spiller would be an awesome compliment to Gore - a speedy back that is a home run threat running, receiving, or as a return man.

Bottom line: He brings a lot more to a backfield than Coffee, is a much more complete back than Kory Sheets, and would double as a return man - so no need to have a roster spot on a player that is just a return man (like Rossum).

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Yeah i was very surprised to see Rossum on the inactive list.

He has to play in the upcoming Atlanta game. Seeing Walker return kicks and Battle return punts made me wish we had that exciting WR/RB/PR/KR threat.

Rossum wasn't even activated to be benched
NOTE: To niners DRAFT a return speciliast next yr!!!!!
Originally posted by King49er:
Originally posted by SanFranAddic:
Battle wasn't any better today. Spurlock would be serviceable but I don't think he's a real breakaway threat. I'd like to see Sheets brought up and see what he can do.

So you want an undrafted rookie who's never played an NFL down to take over our return game?

I think Rossum is a great return guy and would like to see him retain his job by continuing to do it well. However, if Rossum can't get his head on straight we'll have to find someone else to do it.

I think Sheets is the best open field runner we have and would like to see him get a few opportunities to see what he can do.
Why does this thread imply he was benched due to poor play?

He was listed on the injury report under ‘Illness’
Be careful what you wish for, for you guys wanting to boot Rossum off the team. The return game was definately worse without Rossum last weekend. There were some scary moments yesterday with Battle back there dropping balls.
Originally posted by 9erfan4life:
Why does this thread imply he was benched due to poor play?

He was listed on the injury report under ‘Illness’

Thanks for pointing that out. Still, he did not look good the last game. He seemed very hesitant to run forward and couldn't get away from anybody. Just one game, but it's not a trend we want to see continued.
Originally posted by matt49er:
Thank God this guy SUCKS NOW! We have plenty of guys to return kicks and this move can keep J.Hill on the roster. I think if we're going to keep Spurlock on the roster we should give him a shot at PR/KR. Keep Walker back there and give Clements a chance or 2 per game.

Well it's about freaking time! I would love to give M Rob a shot.
Rossum was the most consistent returner in the NFL last year. I'm sure this was due to the illness and we will see him back for the Falcons game. I really think we might learn something from elevating Sheets in place of Spurlock though.

Originally posted by Tru2RedNGold25:
NOTE: To niners DRAFT a return speciliast next yr!!!!!

The next Brandon Williams.

Would like us to get a player who can also contribute on offence/defence rather than just punt/kick return duty.
Originally posted by 9erfan4life:
Why does this thread imply he was benched due to poor play?

He was listed on the injury report under ‘Illness’

Because Singletary said he was a "healthy scratch."
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While I would like to see the 49ers improve their return game as well, its funny how soon some forget how much of an improvement Rossum was over what the 49ers had previously. He also had 1 return called back this year, as has been pointed out previously. If someone else can do it better and be sure handed, then fine, but do you really want to try Sheets, Spurlock, etc. out in the Atlanta game and perhaps losing the game because of a muffed or fumbled punt? Its one thing if you have an experienced return guy, its another if you're asking someone to do something they have rarely or never done at the NFL level.
Rossum is still our best return man and one of the best in the NFL. I wouldn't get rid of him just yet. Had Coffee not had that block in the back penalty, we'd all be on Rossums sack right now.
Here's how Rossum stacked up against every other Kick Returner in 2008:

I'm sure many of you will be surprised:

2008 Kick Return results
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