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Would you let Sopoaga go to Samoa?

Would you let Sopoaga go to Samoa?

None of us can really know what's going on in his head. If he has family over there, and if he believes they are in jeopardy, and that he can help them, and he wants to go over there and help them, then he's got to go over there and help them. As important as football is, family is considered by the general public to be much more important than a football game. Doubt me, then try to find a player who plays while his son or daughter is being born, and with today's medical care, does any man really need to be there? Soap, on the other hand, could probably help with his celebrity and deep pockets. Besides, if he's over here sweating out his family's welfare, is he really going to give us a good game? This might also give him a bad attitude and you might not get another good game out of him ever again. So in the end, he's got to do what he's got to do.
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parents, brothers, sisters, yes. third cousin once removed or aunties and uncles. no
I think one way for Sopoaga to help his family and Samoa in general is by asking for fans to donate canned foods, bottled water and such. Next week is a home game also, and by him being seen, the tragedy in Samoa can be fresh in everyone's mind to help.
im pretty sure we have on say in whether sopoaga goes to Samoa or not. and yes, football is a game, Samoa is his family
That's very sad and I hope his family are alright......I wouldn't want him to go not because of football but out of concern for his own safety.
I'm pretty Sopoaga is concerned about his family as all Samoans are right now. Family is extremely important in Samoan culture as is extended family. I'm from Hawaii and Samoan culture is pretty evident there. Sopoaga has family members in the hospital and it would be extremely difficult to keep focused knowing this. If I was Sing I would let Sopoaga take care of his family and do what he needs to do.We make football out to be a matter of life and death but in relaity its just a game and what happened in Samoa is really a matter of life and death.
Family always comes first. If he wants to go, I have no complaints.
Originally posted by SonocoNinerFan:
If he thought he could do some good . . . absolutely. But at this point it's probably best that anyone other than relief workers stay away.

Simply being there as a support/crutch for your family to lean on means more than you can imagine. They need one another to help each other in a time like this. When someone is dying and they go to the hospital, most families gather up and go to the hospital as well even though there's really nothing any of them can do to help the dying person. You go to support your family. This would be the same type of thing.
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I hope he doesn't even think twice about if he should stay or should he go. If he feels he needs to go the niners should send him no questions asked. Family first no doubt. I'll be keeping him and all that region in my prayers!!!
i have little problem with it.

play this week, you leave on tuesday, be back in time to watch the texans game.9to avoid jet lag for practice) he misses two games, maybe 1. and it does A LOT towards player appeal as well.

All the Samoans in the NFL should go! Hopefully the island won't sink from their combined weight.
Let the man take care of his family.
Originally posted by ClassicNiner:
All the Samoans in the NFL should go! Hopefully the island won't sink from their combined weight.

your joke =

let the man handle his business. family comes first
You should see what happened here in Sumatra, 1,500 dead and counting, for sure another 1,000+ under the concrete. Samoa is child's play all things considered, though ALL life is important.

Let him go a couple days to say hello, he could be back in time for the game.

When it comes to kicking a$$, mother nature will win........ every time...

We had another 6.5 after the 8.0 the very next day, no big deal. Now that, is BS..
It'll hurt losing him, but he's gotta do what he's gotta do.
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