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Who is to blame for 49ers loss to Vikings?

Who is to blame for 49ers loss to Vikings?

I feel that after we got the lead, we didnt wanna do sh*! on offense. 3 and outs wit run, run run are whack. Where the hell is the play action. Obviously we got a rookie Rb and hill was awesome in the second half... For God sakes throw a 5 yard pass and we could have won the game. I blame jimmy RAYE .
Mark Roman and the 3 man rush (Manusky).
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Raye for the most part, for being VANILLA!
After all that happened in this game the BIGGEST mistake we made was not blitzing on that last play where Favre threw the TD. Had we blitzed he would have had to throw it short. Instead we gave him time to wait for a receiver in the endzone. Terrible defensive call. Also, we should have thrown for it on 3rd down. We make a first down there and we end the game on offense. Hopefully the coaches will learn what give you the best chance of winning down the road. We will see how much giving away this game will cost us at the seasons end.
dumb post! This is a team game, involving 53 players each contributing their part. You could blame Hill, special teams, Roman, Raye, Manusky, etc etc...
The receiver and Farve, Roman had excellent position on the play and got a hand in there, but the guy caught it anyway. Just one game, still 13 more to play, we are a better team than we were.
The offense. Shoulda, coulda, woulda type of stuff. The defense played well enough to win.
jimmy raye and the Oline play. The oline was atrocious.
so far majority of the votes don't have a clue as to what they're talking about!
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Roman, he has to at least push that guy out of bounds. Not to mention he should never had let the reciever get ahead of him.

Team sport... All I got to say.
Where is the selection for Roman. That was his section of the zone. He also gave up a big play on 3rd down when he slipped in his section of the zone.
Raye didn't put his players in position to make plays. Too predictable.
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Mark Roman and the 3 man rush (Manusky).


I really hate the prevent.
Sometimes you need to be lucky to be good and on this day that was Favre. Sh!t happens, it's how you deal with it that defines a champion.
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