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Has Michael Robinson gotten weak???

Watching this Niner/ Minnesota game and watched Robinson catch a ball, ran, seen a defender in front of him and gave up on the play. I was waiting for Robinson to blast him. I mean really rock him. He had the shot for the type of playing he used to be. But I watched Robinson submit. And actually ive been seeing it lately when he is called upon. He used to be a QB. They never use him for trick plays or wildcat. Only twice in the last 3 years to draw defense off sides (and neither of them ever worked). Watching Gore go out first play, Coffee coming in then getting hurt, then back in playing well. But who is Coffee's backup?? Niners aint too much of a pass threat so they have to depend on the run and defense. Course a quality QB would fix or could fix alot of that problem. i like Robinson, just not sure of his purpose anymore.
He's one of the special team specialists that happens to play at the running back position. Sort of like Allen Rossum plays at the cornerback position.
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