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The football scientist on ESPN (video)

This so called football scientist (I think he looks more like a level 50 WoW wizard elf) says that Joe Staley is responsible for mostly J(ust). T(urn). O(vers).' s sacks last year, and that Jared Allen knows 7 different rushing the passer moves. WTF?

ESPN Football Scientist "49ers Vikings"
Ughh... should've known this would be about KC Joyner, this guy has always been a pretentious a*****e (people want to kick his ass in mass-numbers). What's even worse is that when he writes, it's almost to a more 'personal' extent, than a valid observation.

-This is the same guy who thinks Peyton Manning is an average QB, and considered the Lions 'geniuses' when they hired Matt Millen at GM.
such a stupid video. There is nothing informative about it at all.
Nothing good there. If that guy thinks Peyton Manning is average then something wrong with him.
Originally posted by darkknight49:
such a stupid video. There is nothing informative about it at all.
yeah, what kinda comparison is "joe staley was beaten by 5 diff pass rush moves, J. Allen is a master of at least 7..." ??
patrick willis has been juked before...AP can juke AND spin. AP will dominate willis...
The problem with KC Joyner and Pro Football Talk to an extent is the lack of credible experience as related to the NFL. If Joyner's analysis was considered groundbreaking, why isn't he involved with an NFL franchise? Most teams have ten to fifteen scouts who study film on a continual basis.

Joyner's motivation is to spark controversy and self promote his website and services in making a living, not provide sound judgments and reasonable discussion.
I don't listen to people with Flock of Seagulls hair.
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seven pass rush moves??? is he counting going left and right as different moves or something?.. .what an idiot
He should have at least included the learning curve variable in his analysis. Staley was adjusting to the left tackle position after playing right tackle his rookie year not to mention that he was also learning Mike Martz complicated offensive system, ala seven step drops. You also have to consider how many times JTO Sullivan held on to the ball too long.

This is only his third year in the league and as a former offensive tackle myself, I tend to watch that position quite often. What I’ve seen is, although he has struggled at times and mightily at that, he is one of the better athletic tackles in the league right now and continues to get better every game. He’ll learn more moves with every start as he matures. I don't put to much stock in this person’s so called scientific analysis; football is an inexact science with thousands of variables to consider, hence any given Sunday.
Originally posted by Black59Razor:
I don't listen to people with Flock of Seagulls hair.

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