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Who will lead our team in sacks?

Who will lead our team in sacks?

Who leads and how many will they have?

I`m going out on a limb and saying Ray Mac with 12.5 sacks. His interior push reminds me of BY!
Haralson baby.
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Ray McDonald's sacks have been a product of others forcing the Quarterback into him. With that said, Parys Haralson and Ray McDonald will be tying leaders, each with 13 sacks
Justin Smith will have more sacks than Ray McDonald. Haralson will lead the team.
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The LB core feels is will be Parys:

Probably a defensive player.


Haralson, Duh! 3-4 linemen dont get many sacks and we dont exactly have any freakishly talented guy on our line, just some really hardworking over achievers like Smith. Haralson is our primamry pass rushing threat, but I feel J.Smith can get around 8 sacks. Ray Mac will be in that area too if he can stay healthy.
The O-Line

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The O-Line

they should've put barry sims on the poll... he definitely would have more sacks than any of those losers... go out there and show em barry!!!!
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