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let's make this an unofficial crabtree thread lol
Originally posted by billybonka:
let's make this an unofficial crabtree thread lol

At least one ESPN guy thought the Niners would beat the hawks last week.

Adam Schefter.
I just saw the re-run, and was surprised on how much time they spent on the 49ers. I guess we have a game against NFL's sweetheart (Vikings), but still.

...and, let's forget that bum Crabtree.
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Wow. We've had two pretty decent wins, and it is good to get some pub on the national stage -- but these things can change in a heartbeat.

We haven't proven anything yet.
I asked Maiocco on twitter about Niner players being unable to reach Crabtree because his number was changed. Here was his response.

Yet to find one guy who says he talks to him. RT @nflguy49 I heard that Niners players can't reach Crabtree because he changed his number?
Originally posted by LB49ers:
Originally posted by djb49:
Originally posted by lamontb:
Are y'all serious about the changed his number part or is that a joke to mess up my day right before i leave work?

Colleen Dominguez reported that he apparently changed his phone number.. Niners players were trying to reach out to him..

anyone else see her as a cougar

well it was flying over my head until, I heard.. "reporting live from the Bay Area, this is..."

then I went....hmmm she's in a Bay huh, wonder if I run into her downtown SF tonight...

but then I thought about how that is all make up and her body might be all wrinkly.
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