Getting some media attention, especially from Clark Judge, who hasn't been kind to the niners in recent years.
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Five things I like

1. The 49ers honoring Eddie DeBartolo Jr. at halftime. "War is Over!" screams the headlines of the Chronicle. "Peace at Last!" cries the Oakland Tribune. Congratulations to the York family for doing what is right and what is overdue: Honoring San Francisco's most popular and most successful owner.

5. San Francisco winning without Michael Crabtree. When you have Frank Gore running for a gazillion yards, who needs Crabtree? This is what is known as leverage, Michael, and you don’t have it.

Meaningful numbers
12.9 -- Yards per carry for Frank Gore
6-0 -- Shaun Hill's record at home

Next Sunday's best three games
1. San Francisco at Minnesota ... This is not a misprint, 49ers' fans.