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Do we need Michael Robinson?

Do we need Michael Robinson?

Originally posted by alpha81:
I rather have Kory Sheets than Robinson.

Hmmmm, keeping an UNPROVEN Rookie RB over a proven Veteran.

I like it.

Look our WR Corps is DEEP as hell. I believe that it was necessary to keep as many as we could because we DIDN'T know if or when Crabtree would sign.

Our RB Corps is one IR away from being excessively short handed.

Now you tell me who we should have cut. Spurlock or Robinson?

If you still say Robinson then you need a good headslap.

"What I do... Oh right, wasted board space on rediculous polls. Won't happen again Boss."

Originally posted by HaiGuise:
Yes, he is needed to interview everyone in the locker room for the 49ers website.

he cant touch the Joe show
Robinson did pretty well on KR today 3 ret for 94 yards 31.3 avg long of 40 that's pretty good. He's a beast on ST and is an adequate backup FB he also has decent hands I for one like Robinson. The fact he is a captain and Gore isn't is weird though.
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