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Patrick Willis Appreciation Thread

Shoot, give Patrick Willis the guaranteed money we offered to Craptree. That would be money well invested because we KNOW EXACTLY what we'll get.

10 Years, $100 Million. Let's get him signed now! He should be the highest paid linebacker in the NFL right now.
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Originally posted by Hornblower:
Hasselbeck says hai...

Twit pic huh? Interesting name...
Originally posted by Esco:
Originally posted by Hornblower:
Hasselbeck says hai...

Twit pic huh? Interesting name...

Willis is a scrub I am not appreciating him at all
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Originally posted by 4evrfan:
Yes to everything except the part that "ends seasons or careers". Would not want to celebrate a career or season-ending injury.
You should keep the OP updated with a running list of players Willis has injured with legal hits.

At the moment only Brad Smith & Hasselbeck come to mind, but I know there have already been many others and there will certainly be many more.
somebody should post the pic of hasselbeck in his hospital bed ...he's stupid enough to try and get past willis..
thank god for willis..sign him for life
After what happened to hassleback I doubt if farve even steps out of the pocket at all when we play the vikes. Screw crabtree we need to make Willis the highest payed MLB EVER! I hope he plays his whole career with the 49ers.
i,ll roll with that

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his jersey is the second one i bought...after his first year wit the niners i knew he be the one to carry this team along wit frank gore back to the glory days....
As many have said, in diff ways...Patrick Willis = talent, heart, humility and class

Seriously, what more can you ask for in a player.
imagine what he'll be able to do in the playoffs. You know he'll wanna play 100x's harder. Dude is a freak of nature and can not be stopped.
I bought his jersey right after we drafted him and he always gave me a reason to wear it.
Brad Childress called Willis a Rolling Ball of Butcher Knives after his rookie campaign. I wonder what he will call him after he breaks his foot of in Petersons arse this week.

52 v. 28

On a side note, I hope the 49ers bring their pass attack this week. Viking D-Line is best in the league. This week we must flip flop. Use the pass to set up the clock killing drives at the end.

Let's retire number #4 one more time!!
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