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NFL scout weighs in on 49ers 2009 draft picks - per Kevin Lynch

Originally posted by Brazilian49er:
I talked to an NFL scout recently who provided a rundown on the 49ers draft picks:

1. Michael Crabtree: "We had him at the end of the first round, even the second round. He doesn't run all that well, and we heard some things about his attitude. He might be just a system guy." Meaning playing in the spread offense could have inflated his numbers.

2. Glen Coffee: "Tough guy from the SEC. But I don't know if he'll be anything more than a backup."

3. Scott McKillop: "Another guy who's just kind of a backup player."

4. Nate Davis: "A stud. I saw six games and he didn't throw a bad pass. He's Mark Sanchez."

5. Curtis Taylor: "Big, strong kid, but I don't know if he's smart enough."

6. Ricky Jean-Francois: "He's got third- or fourth-round talent, but we would not have touched him with a 10-foot pole. Worst character guy in the draft. LSU couldn't wait to get rid of him."

Read more:

Note: It would be nice if people acted like grown-ups and discussed what was said about the picks rather than calling Lynch an "idiot".

I agree about coffee. I think he can eventually be a starter but I doubt he will be somebody that you have to game plan around. Coffee will put up great numbers with a great line. But what RB would not do this? I have hopes for Davis. I disagree with his assessment of McKillop. McKillop can be a starter as a 3-4 ILB. From what I have seen he takes good angles and makes solid tackles in the open field. Not everybody can be P. Willis.

I am not high on Taylor. I have not seen enough of RFJ to have anything resembling an opinion yet.
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Originally posted by jones49:
Sounds like he gives us a D- at best. Crabtree a late 1st/2nd rounder!?? What a douche.

maybe he was talking about the 2010 draft
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