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I was vote #100
Originally posted by MadManManny32:
I was vote #100

a speacial thankyou to you!!!!
Originally posted by rxrunner:
just voted, its at 97

just voted #107
ur way ahead!
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Originally posted by montananinerfan:


4 votes so far
Originally posted by NickV:
Originally posted by montananinerfan:


4 votes so far

thankyou sir
my FOX station already had the Atlanta/NE game listed in the guide.
Originally posted by RedWaltz24:
I live in Houston. Why do they default to showing an East Coast team on Fox even when it is a crappy match-up? I mean, they have two options next week, the Bills vs Tampa and the Niners vs Seattle and they are going to show the Bills. They would rather show two bottom feeding teams than two teams that perhaps will win their division. I hate East Coast biases.

Because there the earth is flat, and there is only an island west of Houston called
San Diego. Arizona, Denver, Oakland, Seattle, San Francisco and Seattle are just mythical places like Atlantis.
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