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No Excuses Needed

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Originally posted by ZRF80:
Lets just put it this way. If Alex had started yesterday, with the same oline, receivers, and offensive this board would have been littered with threads pertaining to:

We lost because...........

A) Alex is only 13 years old. He needs time to learn. Have patience.
B) Alex has had 5 different offensive coordinators in 5 years. Have patience.
C) Alex was wearing a jock strap one size too small, which restricted venous return from his balls to his head, so he couldnt make the right decisions.
D) the NFL has conspired against Alex, and purposefully put larger Footballs in play. Thats why he fumbled so much.
E) Hey, it's a young team. Just be happy with Alex's 75 QB rating and 9/16 101 yard passing day. He made smart decisions by throwing it out of bounds.

Hell, at one moment during yesterday's game........I saw a snapshot of Alex on the sideline with his helmet on. I was like "oh s**t, here goes the neighborhood". Thank God they kept Hill in and let him win it for us. Something that I know for sure Alex would not have. And you have to be a Kool-Aid drinker if you think Smith would have converted all 4 3rd downs on that 80 yard drive.

Instead we get the same excuses only this time it's Hill's a gamer , really this looks like the same Hill we saw against the Rams last year sucks the whole game then pulls it out with one drive, can anyone say Smith in Seattle year 2 ?
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You're asking for trouble with threads like this.
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