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Is our O-line the weakest "link"?

Is our O-line the weakest "link"?

It's tough for any O-line to run block when there is 8 or 9 guys in the box.

It's also tough for any O-line to pass block when they're blitzing almost every down!

I think our O-line is decent. The Cardinals were playing us with almost no respect for Shaun Hill and our passing game. They knew our primary weapon was giving the ball to Frank Gore and with Bill Cosby, excuse me, Jimmy Raye as our Offensive Coordinator, I'm sure their coaches planned ahead to blitz the run every time.

Once we allow Hill to take more shots down the field, I think our run game will open up nicely. Give it some time. It's only week 1! and we won!!!!!
All of those run blitzes came up middle. I was suprised we didn't try to run more offtackle or outside sweeps/pitches. Maybe we just didn't have the time because AZ was in our backfield so quick. We could have sprinkled in a bit more glen coffee as well.

Frank was open a lot coming out of the backfield. I saw several plays where the LBs run blitzed, leaving him wide open. Our TEs could have taken better advantage of this as well.

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From one of today's articles:

--Singletary was not pleased with the performance of the 49ers' offensive line. The 49ers gained just 21 yards rushing. It was the lowest total in a winning effort in 49ers franchise history.

"Obviously, we're going to have to play much better on the offensive line," Singletary said. "We're going to run the football when we need to run the football.

"There were a couple times in the football game when we didn't need to let our defense get back on the field and we did. Good football teams can't do that."

He added, "We got our tails kicked up front."

--Right tackle Adam Snyder had a difficult game, and that might open the door for veteran Tony Pashos to begin getting worked into the mix, Singletary said. The 49ers signed Pashos to a one-year contract after the Jaguars released him.
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