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Some Joe Nedney and Andy Lee love!

There's still a lot to be worried about with the 9ers, but there's nothing to worry about Nedney and Lee. They're a couple of the real strengths of the 9ers and they are dead-solid reliable.
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This would be a good time to bust out my Photoshopped Andy Lee tributes.
That punt from the 1 yard line could have gone wrong so badly. After watching Aaron Rodgers take a safety in the endzone, I was thinking, "wow, they could've blocked the punt for a safety or touchdown". We could've lost the game right there, but Andy Lee, with ice water in his veins, punted that outta there, backing up Rolle! Andy Lee, I salute you!

haha OMG thats great
The Niners have had some of the best special teams in the league for awhile now. Great kicking units, great coverage units.
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I agree, Nedney converted on some crucial FGs. And Lee's best punt was probably when we were at the 1 yard line and Lee had no room to punt from the back of the endzone, yet he backed up Rolle w/ a huge kick!

How ridiculous was the commentators remark about him outkicking his coverage. He kicked it 59 yards from his endzone you jackass.

Also, Nedney was consistently getting kickoffs a few yards deep in the endzone. One of my biggest complaints has been his kickoffs that have ended up between the 5-10 yardlines over the past couple of years.

Great game by these 2 members of the special teams. Rossum? Do we really not have another option that has surfaced over the last 2 years?

Yeah, it was a ridiculous comment. But thanks to Lee for that huge kick, field position would've been a lot worse. Also, would like to see Spurlock take over for Rossum sometime this season. I hate Rolle, but he's not afraid of contact on PR...and that's the closest I'll get to complimenting the ***. But Rossum reminded me of B. Williams and his "fair catch" skills.

The worst was when Rossum caught the punt and danced around, went backwards, danced some more and was tackled.
id like to know who it was that was calling nedney terrible based on preseason. cmon, you know who you are....
Don't forget Brian "The Maniac" Jennings!
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I wanted to slap those refs when they called 12 men on the field on that one punt! How retarded can one be? I think none of them really counted and said screw it throw the flag cause the formation looks funny
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