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Who was the "Cheap Shot Artist" on Vernon Davis?

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It's NFL football!!! It's the NFC West!!! It ain't pre-season.

My point, seriously, though that was a pretty tough hit, these personal foul penalties are getting out of hand. Hines Ward is right, this is football, but at the same time tough hit by a pretty tough SS.

Running full speed hitting helmet first is not football. It's for pu$$ies, and someone is going to end up seriously hurt. He doesnt even use his shoulder he spears him with the side of his helmet

You go tell Ronnie that he's a puss. Make sure that he doesn't have one on his desk when you do.

Helmet to helmet? Didn't happen right?

Last I checked there is no "spearing" rule in the league like their is in Formative leagues.

So I honestly do not see what people are going on about. It wasn't like AW was out to end Duke's career.


You want me to make sure Lott doesn't have p***y on his desk? What are you saying, none of your post even makes since. Why would they have a spearing rule when you can't even hit a guy in the head anymore? Kind of redundant don't you think.
It's about the LB from Cincinnati and Boldon who both broke their jaws because of helmet to helmet hits. It's about spinal injuries. Wilson looks like he just closes his eyes and launches his helmet into VD.

Okay let me walk you through this.

I want YOU to go into Ronnie Lott's office(if you can find it) look on his desk or anywhere there about to see if there is a 9er helmet in close proximity, and call HIM a p*ssy to his face. I guarantee you this, IF you got away with it it's only cause Ronnie took pity on you. What's that quote again? Oh yeah

"I would go into EVERY game looking to put the WOO hit on our opponent"

Also if you go BACK a few pages or so the .gif of the hit clearly shows that Wilson was NOT going helmet to helmet. If it was helmet to helmet I'll eat a 9er helmet piece by piece til it's all gone. The .gif shows that it would qualify as "SPEARING" at most. No such rule in the league so therefore unfineable and unflaggable.

Sorry that I was too succinct in my post to you. I figured that you would be up on the topic and therefore would UNDERSTAND what I was getting at.

*Edit*My bad. Looks like it was indeed helmet to helmet. But be honest, I don't believe that it was intentional. Duke just came down faster than Wilson was planning. It IS his job to separate the receiver from the ball after all.

On the note of eating a 9er helmet, I have my replica helmet out right now and am in the process of dismantling it and marinating it in crows blood to throw on my Que for the next game. Will update everyone on how it astes on Monday.


Ok, My argument isnt against big hits its against dirty hits. Willis keeps his head up and hits with his shoulder. Go watch some Lott highlights and show me one where he leads with his helmet.

There's many plays on youtube (just watched them) just like the wilson davis hit. The difference is Lott doesnt duck down and lead with his helmet, he delivers a forearm or a shoulder.

Wilson is a dirty player, i checked out his highlight (could only find one) and its him driving his helmet (surprise) into the chin neck area as he lands on Trent Edwards.

So please stop comparing Lott to Wilson. A "WOO" hit is not closing your eyes and leading with your helmet

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You are correct 1-0. Its good you can count BJr, something which I can't say for many of your other fans. But I hope you know that the 49ers squeeked out that victory not by any outstanding play by them as a team, but because the Birds simply played a sloppy sloppy offensive game.
Lets see how your math skills are at the end of the season when the Birds are playing extra games and the 49ers are sitting at home in their Montana jerseys talking about the glory of decades past.

2 words AZhole: Santonio Holmes
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