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Niner Fans in Arizona...

Originally posted by zozell:
Remember this guy in New York after the blocked FG? I made this GIF...

Arizona is notorious for having large contingents of oposing team fans visit their stadiums.

Back in the 90's, on two different occasions, I drove past Sundevil staium when the cowpatties were in town and there was so much blue in the crowd that it looked like a cowpattie home game, and I mean 75% cowpattie fans and 25% AZ fans. It's not that bad anymore, but AZ fans really do lack.

AZ fans are the MOST fairweather, NOT hardcore fans there are.
Yo Travler nice meeting you and glad you made it home safely man... Ya our Tailgate there was massive.. and there were tons more 9er fans inside the stadium..

I was in section 126 row 3, great seats great time!!

To the guy on the first pr 2nd page of this thread.. that said he saw a guy on TV waving his hands up and down do you know what they was wearing???

I was wearing the White Joe Nedney jersey that they showed on the big screen in the first half after we got our field goal.

For anyone interested in seeing the pictures i took at this game.. you can check them out here on my site..
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