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Gore career milestone

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Originally posted by Ether:
Originally posted by Kolohe:
with 20-30 yards rushing.

Are you sayin you would rather him gain more yards than get more touchdowns? Games arent decided based on yards gained.

No but it helps taking pressure off our QB, in other words I'd rather have our ground game control the tempo of the game instead of becoming one-dimensional. Sure Gore's TD's helped win the game, but our running game hurt us when we were supposed to run the clock out.
Originally posted by chimp914:
Grats to Gore, but what happened to the running game today?

This isn't the 60's; they are long gone.

Somehow, we get the idea that we can just run the ball down the other team's throats while they let us do it to them.

Ask any team in the league, and the first thing they say is, "We have to stop the run."

In the modern NFL, you CAN'T do that. Period. You simply CANNOT.

There was one winning team I have ever seen successfully pull off the "run down your throat" philosophy.

The Dallas Cowboys of the early-mid 90's were able to "run down your throat" even though the other team KNEW they were going to run.

They had All-Pro's on their ENTIRE offensive line. They had Larry Allen in his prime.
They had Nate Newton, Williams, Gogan.
They could dominate with that group.

People knew they were running and couldn't stop it.

No other team since then has been able to do that successfully.

I hope we don't continue this trend.

Run, run, run, run, run, run... Oh crap, its the 4th quarter, we need points.
Pass, pass, pass, pass, run, pass, pass, pass, TOUCHDOWN.

If we continue to do that, consider this win a "Nolin win." AKA, win the first 2 games, and then lose the rest.
He was pretty much there when we needed him the most...its a long season so keep on driving Gore! Just hold on to the ball aisght!
I look at it this way: Our strongest aspect of O, the running game with Gore, was horrible today. Yet, Gore found pay-dirt 2, and we won the game. Hopefully it is never that bad again, and I think it won't be (knocking on wood)!
He did fumble again today.
We need 2 get Kory Sheets on the active roster so we got a speedster. Gore is a thinker, he waits before he hits the whole. Coffee is a one cut runner. Therefore we need a speedster to bust it open to the outside.
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