Then why do they keep score? -Vince Lombardi

A new NFL season is on the horizon and in the midst of all the excitement is the anticipation and desire for success. For the 49ers the last few seasons have promised much off season hype and developed into regular season misfortune. So what makes this year any different?

First and foremost Mike Singletary. How much will he change the scope of this franchises' competitive ability. This team will not quit. You can set aside inconsistency and lack of perseverance. Yes, there is much room for improvement as we are still a none playoff team since 2003. However, this will be a year for the core of this team to bring the best out of the positions which are still considered mediocre at best. Especially the QB and DL. Shaun Hill has the moxie to endure the ups and downs the media could impose on him. The media will not give this team much slack and the first mishaps will accentuate the losing and inconsistency of years past. So what's the key here? DON'T GIVE UP SACKS! Sacks equal getting behind on the scoreboard in games and watching the playoffs from home overall. Sacks give QB tunnel vision and create negative turnovers. This will be our best line in years. Most of us understand that most of last years sacks were courtesy of O'Sullivan and Martz's scheme. Regardless, the front end of last year's season was too much to overcome during the team's admirable finish.

Key#1 Protect Hill, prevent sacks, and allow the running game to be a factor.

Next we turn to the DL. If your going t give up sacks you have to be able to create sacks. The preseason was indicative of this teams inability to produce them. Singletary detailed game planning as the issue and confirmed it is not a premonition of things to come. Well, if we protect the QB and not have the defense winded because of too many 3 and outs we might be able to put together a playoff run with just around 30 total sacks on defense, at minimum. However, the ideal thing would be to get the pressure on the QB we haven't had since our last playoff season.

Key#2 Put pressure on the QB and create turnovers.

So the bottom line is lets protect Hill, let sack Warner, and lets start the season with a victory over the NFC Champions!

I hope everyone enjoys the game! Let's go Niners!!

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