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Sooo Long Gone....

Back surgery 7 & 8 failed. 12 days in, 3 days out, then surgery # 9, a 16 hr job, and 45 days no air, no sunlight, no stars. Also no visitors except in full mask and gown, because I got infected. I was quarantined, and in retrospect, was actually a bit like the 9ers. UCSD hospital was a total communications blackout from outside world. TV was , well...I got to see EVERY Little League world series game...and a SD team won, the kids from Chula Vista. As for other sports news, nothing, except for a tape delay of the Chargers...unbelievably, against the 9ers. Like they say, you don't go to the hospital expecting to get good TV. So now, after 63 days incommunicado from the sports world, and especially any sport outside the SD area, here is what i saw:

1).Front office: Jed and Scot seem worthless(do we even have any scouts, other than scot's brother?) This is one area Jed needs to spend time and money on, because if we have scouts, they are failing us. Bring back the Italian guys we had under eddie D and Walsh. Those guys knew talent. Our current scouts are killing us, and will prevent this team from ever getting better unless we have the best scouts in the business...which means dumping a truckload of money at the feet of the best in the business.

2). Got "lucky" with Crabtree, but did anyone do the due diligence & talk to likely picks 5-15 of rd 1 who we might have drafted, just to be sure we could sign them? Four yrs back the Texans signed Mario Williams instead of Reggie Bush, because Bush wouldn't commit to a contract. Don't you wish we would have had somebody in front office talk to Crabtree and guys in slots 5-15 ahead of time to see if there were any potential contract signing problems?? Anybody in the front office ever think of that? This fiasco was DUMB , STUPID, and worse, avoidable.

Re: Crabs, my thots: Crabtree missed 3 wks OTAs, 4 wks preseason, 2 wks practice, which makes him useless to us until he learns playbook, works out for at least 8-9 weeks. That means if he signs tomorrow, we can get only half a season out of him at best, yet he still is being mollycoddled. First thing should be to tell his agent he is now not usable for half the yr, and cut our 1st yr offer to 50% of our initial offer, or roughly 1% / day for every day he has missed , or will miss in future, until he signs. Yeah, that's right, offer him 50% of our initial offer, but give him and his incredibly stupid agent 24 hrs grace time to sign our initial offer. If he doesn't sign, at least the 9ers will have drawn a line in the sand, and let draftees know where we stand. As it is now, we look like Cincy...a bunch of sissy boys, with no spine. That has to stop, and now.


a) Until our front office and ownership is brot into 21st century, our fate is pre-determined. We will be very mediocre, and no miracles will occur for us.

Jed(yeah, i know he is scot's boy), needs to be ready to jump on the next Bill Parcells, or Patriots Polin(to KC), or lure AJ Smith from SD up here with ownership percent and lots of $$ and power. When none of the front office is seasoned or matured, neither is your team. And that's us.

b)Coaching---Big Mike is a masterful upgrade over mikenolnsux. Big Mike guarantees no nuttiness like we had with noln. He also guarantees 9-7 every yr, yr in and yr out. We need to nail down a star sometime like a red hot OC from PATs
(Josh McDaniel), or Cowboys Jason Garrett, get the idea. Those guys are out there. We don't need retreads. We don't need somebody real solid but with virtually no coaching credentials either. We somebody who is a real Bellicheck, eg.

c) Players---without a draft, w/out FA acquisition, how the heck can you build a team? We dicked around with kurt warner for 2 wks, only to cost AZ more $$. Yet we didn't even make a sniff at Haynesworth , nor Faneca, nor Hutchinson(OT SEA to Vikes where he helped Adrian Peterson become all world), nor OG Dielman (SD) when he wanted more money this spring. Yeah, the Chargers resigned him, but we should have been in the mix.

How can one possibly build a team like this? You can't.
rebuilding takes some time....we made a really bad decision hiring Nolan and we have to give Scotty and Sing some time. Scotty has made some great picks Gore/Willis/Staley and some good ones in Goldston/Morgan/Coffee/Haralson/Baas it looks like with some time R.Smith/T.Brown/C.Rachal/A.Snyder/J.Hill could all be big contributors.

This team will see alot of success in the near future the guys above along with Balmer/Crabtree (he's going to sign calm down) V.Davis/M.Lawson these guys along with the obvious A.Smith could be misses of Scotty's but equal if not more blame should be placed on Nolan for those decisions. Gives these guys time to develope, play together and get better.

We have 2 1st round picks next year and a good salary cap situation to give Gore/Willis our superstars nice extensions along with Baas/Morgan/Goldston/Lawson if they step up and play well. J.Smith/M.Lewis/A.Franklin/J.Nedney/A.Rossum/I.Bruce/N.Clements (although overpaid) are all nice additions Scotty has brought in with only a few misses in FA J.Jennings/M.Smith/A.Bryant.

Now is the time to let our team develope together figure out whether or not we need a QB next year or not and where our $$ we have by being smart with the cap is most wisely spent.

Lastely we are not superbowl contenders only playoff contenders we need to let our young guys play and see where best to apply our resources so we can be a superbowl contender in the next 2 years.
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