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As the season starts, a second look at our offseason

Originally posted by ZRF80:
Not trying to downplay Singletary's attitude, but I think he's too engulfed with this "practice hard, play tough" mentality. Niner brass werent too aggressive in the offseason because for some reason, they were fooled into thinking that this team was physically fit, just not mentally. After all, we played like garbage in the first half of the 2008 season, only to finish strong when Singletary took over.

Unfortunately, this is NOT the 80s, and football is run by a different dynamics in today's game. Practice hard doesnt mean squat if you dont have the right personnel plugged into key positions. As I said, this team wasnt/isnt far from being a contender in this league. But if we keep wasting year after year relying on the draft, hoping that we'll strike gold eventually and get a great QB and a great WR and a great pass rusher, we'll end up wasting the talent that already exists on this roster. Our defense, aside from a solid pass rush, is pretty well equipped. Unfortunately, they're too busy playing from behind aka under pressure all the time.

A good QB pickup via free agency could go a long way for us. Not only does it buy us 3-4 good years, but NOW you have the time to develop a young quarterback. Im hoping Hill can hold his own this year, and I have faith in him........but geez, he sure as hell looked like doo-doo in preseason. But then again, its not like Singletary gave him any time to develop repertoire with his receivers. The guy only played a series in each game.


And because you're more than likely to "hit" a player when you distribute them across the trenches, that also buys you time with "average" or below-average talent. Look at the Titans and the Falcons. Even before Matt Ryan, they had a good line. Titans always had great trenches - does it matter if it's Vince Young or Kerry Collins? Not really. They're successful because the guys at the LOS are superior.
Originally posted by pasodoc9er:
63 days ago, the lites went out for me when i checked into the UCSD med center. Now after back surgeries 7,8, and 9, and 5 days in, 2 days out, 3 days in,1 day out, and then 45 days in, the 49ers look no different than at the end of last yr...and that is discouraging. LIke TEXASniner said, we are the same team.

Still have a coach who can get us to 9-7, but no more,

still have a #1 pick TE who has yet to prove he was worth the pick,

still have avg QB, with a wasted #1 pick in the draft waiting in the wings

still have a D that couldn't stop the Chargers 2nd and 3rd string,

still have an OL who couldn't block the Chargers 2nd string,

oh, and worst , we still have the only unsigned first rd draft pick in nfl.

Only thing i do see is a better caliber OL with Marvel gone, Sims demoted, and a good 2 yr signing for OL yesterday. Tip of the hat to the 9ers for that.

Man is it ever great to rejoin the world of the living. And yes, in the last 3 days, i read everything posted from the last month. Thanks to all. Unfortunately Texasniner lasered in on our team: we are exactly the team we had out there last yr...and that isn't even close to being good enough. I have given up on scot and jed. Until yorks hire a real HOFO, this team is just treading water. Maybe 7-9, maybe 9-7. In reality , what does it matter. Mediocre is mediocre, and that's what you get with a front office woefully short of talent, experience, connections, smarts, and A+ scouts....something we have none of. Until that changes, neither will we.

I was just wondering to myself where you've been Pasodoc. Hope you are doing well.
Up until this year I've had hope that we were heading in the right direction but going into this season I'am afraid I share your concerns. I hope we are both wrong.
Hey Paso,

Glad to see you back. Hope you're doing as well as can be expected after what seems like quite a long road to recovery.

Unfortunately, our beloved Niners might have a long road as well.

We may see this team start to have an "identity" and win 7 to 9 games this year in a fashion that shows some heart and consistancy, and not just a little end of the year lucky against teams that don't have much left to play for, but to expect anything more will be optomistic.

Because the bottom line is we just haven't improved any areas of the team that are our biggest needs in any significant manner.

As you noted, a recent waiver wire cut that we signed may turn out to be our biggest move of the off season. That's kind of scary. And so far, a handful of talented DE/OLB types from the first couple rounds of the draft are looking pretty solid.

Until we can convert on 3rd downs and stop them, both issues being the result of not having the players we need at key positions, we will not be able to take the next step as a team.

We will either not score enough to put a game away when we have our chances, and/or we will give up just enough big plays to allow teams that should have been buried to stay in the game or take the lead.

It will look very familiar, we have all see those types of games far too often over the past couple of seasons. How we could not even ATTEMPT to address those needs in a meaninful way is beyond my understanding.

That being said, once again welcome back and let's keep our fingers crossed that somebody on the roster steps up and provides the help we need. (Not counting on it, but I sure am hoping for it.)
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I couldn't agree more. I'm a newb in terms of posting but I've been following this site for many years. This is a great group of fans.

This is an article I just wrote that I think all you guys would get a kick out of. It goes along with the malaise you started describing with this thread.

I hope you guys will check it out and let me know your thoughts!
In defense of the Niner's front office nothing fell our way this off season.

We wanted/needed a pass rusher, no one was available - Suggs signed with Balt and Peppers got slapped with the franchise tag. As a side note, there was no "Must HAVE" pass rusher in the draft. From a scout perspective everybody had holes in their game. I could understand why the Niners figured why not give Manny a chance since he had'nt really had one and no one coming out of college was an obvious upgrade over him. I've also seen stats that show per rush attempt Manny if more effective than Haralson. The season will tell.

As far as NT - Haynesworth was the big name, but I dont think he is enough of a diffrence maker for us to warrant a 100 million dollar contract. Dont forget how well Franklin played at the end of the season after changing the scheme and he looks to have picked up right where he left off. The coaching staff as most are very high on him. By the way, Balmer looked pretty impressive in the preseason.

We obviously wanted to upgrade at QB - We brought in Warner, but he didn't want to be here. It's as simple as that. Everyone else available wasn't a clear upgrade over Hill as Sing has said. Remember Hill's record going into the offseason. IMO, Sing owes Hill at least a shot at starting since it was Hills play that helped Sing keep his job. With that said, obviously Hill looks horrible so far and almost anybody would be an upgrade at this point. Again, lets see what happens when we are playing for real and he gets more than a serious to find his groove.

My biggest gripe is the OT situation. We should of done something here. We went after a guy (Marvel) that clearly was a risk as his contract demonstrates. Thats fine, but we shouldn't of stopped there. I think Kalif Barnes was the best available, but he wasn't nearly as good as the money he was demanding. Like it our not there was no sure fire Probowl RT to pick up. IMO, Scotty blew it in the draft. You can't tell me that no OT in this draft class was worth drafting in the first 3 rounds. As good as Coffee has looked we should of spent that pick (or second) on an OT. In fact, Coffee to me looks to be a work horse back, but I dont think he has the ability to every be something special.

As far as Crabtree, hind sight is 20/20. No matter how you slice it he was great value at the 10 spot. He wasn't just kind of BPA, he was far and away the BPA. Oher wasn't even considered 1st tier talent.

The biggest complaint on this board is we dont really know what we have (Davis, Smith, Manny, Baas, Brown, Goldson..etc) I think Scotty is going to live and die with his draft picks and we should know where we stand by the end of the season for better or worst. We've been "building through the draft", now it's time to let the kids play. That to me is at least some small consulation.

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All good points.

This is the most talented roster we have had since 2002. After suffering through the 2004 season, hope isn't easy to come by. With guys like Gore and Willis its hard for me not to have hope.

I think if we can really buy into the 60-40 Offensive setting we can run into the playoffs.
We have been rebuilding for years and we aren't any better.

1 - 15.
Originally posted by SanDiego49er:
We have been rebuilding for years and we aren't any better.

1 - 15.

I don't know if you remember last season but we went 7-9. If we are not any better we're 7-9 or so. If a little better, and with a little luck, we're around 10 wins. A little worse, some bad luck: 4-12.

1-15? You're just being a troll.

Nothing will change until they start selling popcorn. I can't wait for the season to start.
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Originally posted by IheartBillWalsh:
I couldn't agree more. I'm a newb in terms of posting but I've been following this site for many years. This is a great group of fans.

This is an article I just wrote that I think all you guys would get a kick out of. It goes along with the malaise you started describing with this thread.

I hope you guys will check it out and let me know your thoughts!

Great read.

Some scary thoughts, but oh-so-true. This is gonna be a long season.
Its good to have you back paso but im just wondering... did we already lose the first game or something. I dont expect many to be optimistic after the past few seasons but I don't believe we are the same team as last year. And even if we haven't made eye pooping upgrades at every position we have the most continuity we have here in years. Especially on the Oline and Dline 2 places where that is very crucial. I dont believe we are a superbowl team and we may be a borderline playoff team but I just dont believe we are going to be as bad as many people feel we are.

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