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Offensive post-game analysis (week 4)

Please use this thread for post-game analysis of the offense as a whole, and/or individual players.

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I am still a Davis fan
Offense = awful
defense = terrible
Special teams = horrible

Nate is the Man
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can't see how there's anything positive to talk about that doesn't involve Nate Davis...
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Originally posted by TDNiners:
Offense = awful
defense = terrible
Special teams = horrible

Nate is the Man

Jason Hill was excellent, everyone else
What offense?
Mr. Nate Davis is a legit QB....that is all.

The only thing that was positive tonight was that we were wearing the correct jerseys

everything els looked horrible. I hope that preseason is not a strong thing for HILL. He better turn his game play around or its going to be a long year.
1st string sucked just like past 3 games. Only good thing about the O is Nate, J. Hill, ans Spurlock. Our Oline is HORRIBLE, can't believe we didn't do anything to upgrade.
How did Davis Play?

I noticed when he got the ball we went down and scored, but in the second half they could barely do anything?

I didn't get to watch it, just viewing play by play through game center.
Thought Davis had a mixed game. Some good, some bad. Many are tending to forget a number of issues in this game. He finally had a ball picked (the ball was slightly underthrown) after two others should have been picked earlier in the game. Against first teamers, it probably would have been four picks in the last two games, so he's got to be careful.

At the same time, his TD pass to Hill was very nice, and he's showing good awareness under pressure.

I think we can all see that under the center, he's simply not as comfortable or effective as in the shotgun.

I tend to think he's massively overrated by the majority of the board at this point. He's a good looking prospect, but the kid has a long ways to go. He's not ready to play against first team defenders.

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Everyone on the team says they've gotten better, sure doesn't look like it. What the heck is going on?
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