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Defensive post-game analysis (week 4)

Please use this thread for post-game analysis of the defense as a whole, and/or individual players.

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Hot garbage. How's that for a defensive analysis.
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Did I see an actual sack, or was it just a dream?
Clements better get his stuff together. He got beat by a 5th string WR, pathetic.
Originally posted by A-R-S:
Did I see an actual sack, or was it just a dream?

it was a mirage. They had one, then it went away..
What defense?

Originally posted by 49er4life:

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Originally posted by TonyStarks:

Absolutely no fire or pride!!! SD looked solid from top to bottom!!!!!!
Ugh Nate, playing like a run down vet.
BOOOOO! Thats all i can say. No run D, no pass D, no special teams D. We did not show up
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