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49ers and Crabbie will meet...

at some point to hammer a deal, unless:

1) Crabbie reinjured his feet or
2) Another injury popped up and he can't pass the physical, which both sides are tight lip about.
3) Crabbie has new injury that he doesn't want to let everyone know.
4) Crabbie injured his brain
5) The 49er leadership are cheap
6) Crabbie was taken hostage by his Agent
7) Crabbie was taken hostage by his uncle, cousin, or entourage
8) Crabbie ddecided not to play for the niners (Cowboy die hard fan)
9) Singletary is siding Crabbie
10) Singletary doesn't call Crabbie to sign the deal

Did I miss?

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I'm gonna go with IBTL

Can't wait till Jason Crabtree sings
Damn misleading title.
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