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I hate too say it but...

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We looked like the 04 05 06 07 & 08 niners under nolan last night. Man i did not see our so call "fhysical" style at all. Personally from what i saw we stink. Offense still cant pick up the blitz. Couldnt move the ball or put a drive toghther (1st stringers) they settled for a fg after greeeeat field poistion by roman. And our D.... Wher do I start. We gave homo allllllllll evening to throw the ball. Is the pass rush eveeeeerrr gone improve. Mannn i sure hope were saving alot of our stuff or sing is saving some tricks he got up his sleeve cuz from what i saw we in for yet another looong season. I wonder how long would it take nate the great to come along and fully get the offense down & can lead our troups, because he was the lone bright spot (besides sheets & battle) but Nate showed alot... And he most deff showed he's worth keeping. Should i hit the panic button now and save myslef the disapontment or should i relax and say what everyone else on the zone says.... Its only preseason... Yeahh right our guys have alot to prove and can not afford to miss use perseaon and not be gearing up for the reg season &&&& we all know dam well they not just out there f**king off under the old ball coach. Im worried zone... Should I be?
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